World War Z Movie

Plot Summary
The plot of World War Z will remain highly similar to the novel. While the novel depicted the apocalypse through various personal accounts, the movie will have those accounts as interviews, performed by the main character. The story follows U.N. worker Gerry Lane as he travels across zombie war-torn earth. Mr. Lane interviews the remaining civilians of earth as he travels, generating more continuity than the novel.

Cast and Development of World War Z
The screen rights to the movie adaptation of World War Z were awarded to Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, after a bidding war. Brad Pitt will also take the lead role of the film, playing U.N. employee Gerry Lane. J. Michael Straczynski adapted the book to the screen, taking on the challenge of developing a protagonist from a book that is solely a collection of personal accounts. Straczynski developed that role, played by Pitt, into a Jason Bourne-esque character. The movie looks to have a global appeal similar to the Bourne trilogy as the character Gerry Lane incorporates the same sort of worldly travel that was accustom in the Bourne trilogy.


Principal photography for World War Z began in July of 2011 with a budget of approximately $125 million. The majority of filming for the movie has taken place in Scotland and Hungary. Glasgow, Scotland will be the true location of a scene set in the financial district of Philadelphia. Movie officials chose to film the Philadelphia scene in Europe due to uncertain tax laws for filmmakers in Pennsylvania. Paramount originally set the release date for World War Z as December 21, 2012, but the picture company later chose to release One Shot on the December Date. With the movie pushed back to June of 2013, production plans on returning to Hungary for additional shoots.

World War Z will be released by Paramount Pictures, UTV Motion Pictures, and Skydance Productions on June 21, 2013.

8 Responses to World War Z Movie

  1. Dan says:

    The zombies are running!!!!!!!!!!!!! False!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can’t wait until this film is released in Summer 2013!! I am so excited because I like blood goar and Brad Pitt is so sexy!!! <3 Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaa, I LOVE BRAD PITT!!!! I LOVE BRAD PIIIIIITTTTTTTTT.
    Billy 😀

  3. the majority of filming for the movie has taken plaace in scoutland and hungary

  4. Ponsah says:

    Good production and a very powerful theme/story line<3

  5. micheal kay chansa says:

    my top #1 cooolest movie ever

  6. Julius says:

    This true can you make ZOmbie

  7. Julius says:

    Make Zombie in Philippines Please.. i like to see a zombie in personal in my eyes :) Infect Julius Please in prk 13

  8. Amanda says:

    It was a mix of epic and horror. It exceeded my expectations

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